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Praise for the Program

The Citizen Action Team program has received excellent feedback from employees and retirees. Over the past few years, many have written us letters and e-mail to share their thoughts about this innovative way to involve people in the political process. Highlights from previous correspondence include:

“I think that every company should be aware of the excellent and truly dynamic way Exxon has developed to get people truly involved in our great democratic process in a manner that is both very educational and outstanding in every way. This is truly another example of what it is like to have one of the best if not the best leader in the corporate world running Exxon. I will do everything within my power to participate. Thank you once again.”
—Florida employee

“I appreciate the efforts to spread knowledge rather than hype regarding the environment and energy policies. Please continue to provide facts that we can use to persuade our friends and representatives.”
—Virginia retiree

“This is an outstanding website. It was simple for me to create a letter/email and send it to my elected officials. Great Job.”
—Texas employee

“The information the company sent out was very valuable in helping us determine what was important. We discussed it at our retiree club breakfast meetings and our quarterly meetings.
—Louisiana retiree