Connecting Constituents With Lawmakers

Left to right: Richard Madrid, Joliet local project execution – group lead; Tricia Simpson, Midwest public and government affairs manager; U.S.  Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL); Ray Rangel, Joliet oil movements complex coordinator; and Adam Wagner, Joliet process shift superintendent.

Faced with hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of bills each year, U.S. legislators and their staffs members rely heavily on local input to assess the potential impacts of proposed legislation on their districts. Constituents from the areas they represent are a particularly valuable resource. Members of ExxonMobil’s Congressional Constituent Contact (CCC) program serve as the localizing factor in our advocacy efforts.

CCC members are uniquely positioned to help elected officials by not only providing information about how a particular piece of legislation could affect local communities, but also the impact on ExxonMobil employees, retirees, shareholders and assets that are located in their districts.

Each year, nearly 30 ExxonMobil employees from 10 states participate in a legislative action program in Washington, D.C. The program includes training on public policy issues of importance to the company, as well meetings on Capitol Hill with elected officials and staff. This year, during meetings in 18 Senate and 26 House offices, CCC members encouraged congressional members and their staffs to push for corporate tax reform and support legislation to reform the federal regulatory process.

ExxonMobil supports stable tax policies that enable the energy industry to remain competitive in the global marketplace. The company is also supportive of common-sense reforms to improve transparency, accountability and objectivity of regulations that would enable effective enforcement, improve public safety and minimize economic costs. To learn more about both issues, click here to review the information provided during the recent congressional office visits.

“Special thanks to all CCC program participants, whose work ensures that ExxonMobil maintains a strong, collective voice on policy issues that are critical to our success,” said Ben Soraci, general manager, public and government affairs. “We greatly appreciated your efforts to inform elected officials about how the decisions they make can profoundly affect the way we operate and how we do our jobs in the future.”