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Citizen Action Team

The Citizen Action Team (CAT) is an ExxonMobil program that provides information on public policy issues and encourages employees, retirees, and our business associates in the United States to get involved in energy issues that affect our business, families and communities. With nearly 100,000 U.S. employees and retirees providing representation in every congressional district, the ExxonMobil family is an important political force and a vehicle for positive change. By harnessing our collective strength, we can make a difference through the elections process, lobbying and grassroots communications.

The CAT program communicates current information to stakeholders primarily through this Web site. The site features information about elected officials and legislation, voter registration and Election Day tools, an online letter writer to send messages to your elected officials, and much more.

The CAT sends out periodic e-newsletters and “Calls to Action,” which will alert you to pending legislation and other issues considered important to ExxonMobil. The Calls to Action will have a function that enables you to contact your elected officials if you wish to do so. These resources and tools allow our stakeholders to easily become politically active in support or opposition to important legislation.

If you are an ExxonMobil employee, you are currently considered a member of the Team and should be on our e-List, unless you have asked us not to contact you. If you are a retiree or business associate, we hope you’ll join the Citizen Action Team. Sign up here.